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Specialist Contractors to the Utilities Sector

White Utilities was formed in 2002 initially specialising in the supply of labour to support pipe renovation projects in the United Kingdom including:

  • Non Structural and Semi Structural Spray Lining of Water Mains
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Slip Lining
  • Spray Chlorination
  • General Pipe Laying Schemes

  • Pipe prior to cleaning
  • Cleaning by drag scraping
  • Pipe after Lining

During the last 12 months White Utilities Have invested in new state of the art machinery for the internal coating of Water Mains, which along with reliability allows for the electronic collection of data including lining surveys, machine print out data and lining sheet data which both reduces the need for paper records and reduces information collection errors.

White Utilities normally operate as a Specialist sub-contractor to our clients, but note that we fully understand that the successful outcome of any Project relies on cooperation and understanding from design through to delivery and are willing to engage fully in this process.

Whilst our primary work flow comes from the UK market, we have also completed some works overseas including Barcelona and the Channel Islands.

The Spray lining process has been used widely in the UK for potable water main renovation, but we would also welcome enquiries relating to other industries where internal corrosion may cause problems relating to flow, contamination of the conveyed fluid for example fire fighting systems.